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At Envision Dental, we believe that the top priorities of dentists should be to preserve natural tooth structures while minimizing pain and discomfort for our patients. A set of healthy teeth is not only aesthetically pleasing; they are vital for chewing and speaking properly.

While traditional dental methods have helped many Americans, the science surrounding dental practices is ever-evolving. Envision Dental is delighted to be at the forefront of dental technology with biometric dentistry.

What is the Problem with Traditional Dentistry?

Every dentist will recommend brushing and flossing twice daily, supported by regular check-ups and cleaning. This is to prevent the build-up of plaque in the mouth. Plaque contains harmful acids that erode the enamel of teeth, producing cavities. Unsightly on their own, cavities lead to tooth decay and potentially life-threatening infections and conditions like heart disease, cancer or stroke.

Traditional dentistry often involves removing a healthy tooth from around the cavity to allow the insertion of a metal filling. Although this prevents further decay in the short term, applying a filling places stress on the remaining tooth, creating small cracks and gaps. Weakened tooth structure may fracture, or the filling can become loose.

At this point, more of the tooth is removed to allow the fitting of a crown. If not enough of the tooth structure remains, the patient must undergo a painful root canal to place a post for the crown. As each procedure becomes more invasive, the tooth gets increasingly brittle. Ultimately, the entire tooth could be removed to make room for a dental implant.

Biomimetic Dentistry Breaks the Cycle

Biomimetic dentistry utilizes restorative techniques and materials that closely resemble the biological structure of teeth, allowing for maximum retention of healthy tooth material. Unlike traditional fillings, biomimetic procedures bond directly with the existing tooth. This limits stress on the tooth and prevents exposure of the inner pulp.

The results speak for themselves as the tooth’s strength and functionality are restored in a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing way. In addition, biomimetic dentistry drastically reduces the likelihood of needing a root canal in the future, allowing you to retain your natural teeth for longer.

To find out more about what biomimetic dentistry can do for you, contact Envision Dental in Marietta today.

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