Giving Back to Our Community

Spear Open Wide is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring lasting change to the state of oral health in underserved communities worldwide.

A family and cosmetic dentist serving the Atlanta area, Dr.Jim Merriman and his team see all kinds of patients— from checkups and cleanings to placing and restoring dental implants, we see a wide spectrum of patients. In February 2019, Dr. Merriman and his family went on Spear Institute’s Open Wide Mission Trip to Guatemala, and they were both fortunate and proud to care for those less fortunate that don’t have the kind of dental treatment available that we’re so accustomed to.

Dr. Merriman and many other dentists worked with students, volunteers and locals at the “Peronia Clinicas Dentales.” Patients were given the gift of a new smile and restored health, we made lifelong friends and cherished memories, and everyone left with a humbled sense of accomplishment from helping those less fortunate.

In February of 2020, Dr. Merriman and his team will be returning a fifth time to Guatemala to volunteer once again in the city of Peronia, as well as visit the ground breaking of the newest Open Wide Clinic in Guatemala.

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