Woman Receving Digital Dental X-RaysThere are so many benefits of digital dentistry impressions over traditional techniques. The iTero 3D imaging scanner improves precision and efficiency. Dentists are more productive due to the time saving elements of this technology.

With traditional techniques, your dentist uses a cold gooey substance to take direct impressions of the teeth. This process takes longer and is often described as uncomfortable. Once impressions are created, the model is sent to a lab. Virtual impressions are sent directly to the lab via email.

Same Day Dentistry

At Envision Dental, we can complete several types of dental restorations in a single visit – thanks to digital impressions. This reduces the time you spend in the dentist’s chair. For patients who experience dental phobias, iTero 3D imaging scanner is a game changer.

The precision of iTero 3D imaging also ensures that dental restorations fit more comfortably. Margin for error is significantly reduced, resulting in less likelihood of needing a repeat visit to our offices. Patients who suffer from a severe gag reflex will enjoy the relative comfort of impressions created with digital technology.

Digital Impression Integration

We can integrate Invisalign® software with the iTero 3D imaging scanner. Throughout the process of having your aligners designed, created and adjusted, we used advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. You will benefit from straighter, healthier teeth in Marietta, Georgia.

Our patients become more engaged with dentistry through the power of the iTero 3D imaging. The ability to see treatments take shape is intuitive and educational. Our Envision Dental team will take you on a journey toward improved oral health.

Biometric Dentistry

Biometric dentistry aims to help patients retain natural tooth structures. Digital impressions allow us to carefully plan restorations. Materials that most mimic your natural teeth are used to complete repairs. All treatments are carried out with precision and the conservation of healthy tooth structures as a primary focus.

Our digital technology is also used during routine dental examinations. This technology allows Envision Dental to show patients any existing or potential oral health issues in a virtual environment. Call today to book your first appointment in Marietta.

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