Wellness and Preventive Dentist

Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good always begins with excellent oral care. Working with the dental team at Envision Dental, you are sure to achieve and maintain your best-looking smile with healthy teeth and gums. We provide comprehensive dental care for every member of your family. Dental needs can change with the different stages of life, and our dental services ensure that you have the proper dental care at each stage. Envision Dental takes pride in offering patients the best of cutting-edge dental technology to prevent dental problems and diagnose and treat them if they do exist.

Teeth Cleaning Marietta GA

Our list of wellness and preventive care includes:

  • Wellness Scan
  • Prevent Cavity and Gum Disease
  • Tartar/Plaque Clean
  • Cleanings and Checkups

  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Diagnostic Salivary Testing

The importance of preventive care and wellness scans cannot be overlooked. Your overall health and wellness are related to your dental health. Ensuring that your gums and teeth are healthy and well maintained is a big step in managing your general health and well-being.

Our dental team is committed to providing patients with a comfortable visit and excellent oral health care. To help facilitate this, we use cutting-edge dental technology to identify issues early before they have the opportunity to develop into serious oral health issues. Wellness scanning and salivary testing provide important information to develop highly effective treatment options.

Pathogens contributing to periodontal disease, cavities and oral cancers can be discovered, so proper medications and treatments can be implemented. Early diagnosis of these issues not only creates a healthier smile but also can be life-saving in the case of oral cancers.

Holistic Dental Care

At Envision Dental, our commitment to the holistic approach to dental care means that we help you achieve your optimal oral health not just by filling cavities and cleaning your teeth. We work to stop problems before they start, provide targeted treatment for specific issues and correct problems before they have a chance to become severe, painful and expensive.

It begins with a thorough oral examination and a dental history. We encourage our patients to let us know about complaints regarding their oral health and the goals they hope to achieve with attaining the perfect smile. Digital X-rays are taken to provide information about what is happening below the surface. Oral screening reveals anomalies or issues that may need to be addressed, and testing provides valuable information for diagnosing and treating problems.

Your oral health has an impact on your general health and well-being. A comprehensive oral exam, wellness scan, and preventive care can help you achieve your best oral health. Contact Envision Dental today to schedule your appointment for excellent oral care.