Smiling PatientsAs the year comes to a close, and the season of gift-giving kicks into high gear, ask yourself if you have allowed yourself and those dependent on you the gift of good oral health. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is as important as keeping your body in good shape, rested and well fed with healthy foods. In fact, maintaining your oral health can affect your overall health and well-being.

A Firm Foundation for Oral Health

It all begins with those early visits to the dentist when a child’s first tooth erupts. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children visit the dentist at least by their first birthday and preferably, when the first tooth comes through. Although to some, this may seem early, learning how to take care of your baby’s teeth at this time can prevent tooth decay and loss later. Too may toddlers and young children suffer from tooth disease that ultimately affects their budding permanent teeth.

As your child grows, protecting the new permanent teeth becomes important as well. Establishing good oral hygiene habits early in life builds the foundation for a lifetime of proper oral care. This, in turn, leads to a healthy and beautiful smile that will stay with your child throughout life.

Healthy Smiles in the Sunset Years

On the other end of the spectrum are the elderly and infirm. They may not have easy access to dental care. They may not complain, or they may suffer in silence. Lost teeth, gum disease, dental decay and declining health as a result of disease in the mouth are often prevalent among the elderly. Replacing the missing teeth, eradicating disease and restoring oral health can give your elderly loved ones something to smile about.

A large percentage of elderly people lose more than half of their teeth by age 65. For those who have no teeth at all, the incidence of chronic kidney disease increases. The inability to properly chew food makes a healthy diet challenging and when you consider other health concerns piled on top of that, life can become challenging for some. While good oral care may not solve all the health problems an elderly person may have, it can restore the ability to eat well, and the self-confidence that comes with a nice smile.

The gift of good oral health is one that can be given at any time of year. It is also one that is critical at every stage of a person’s life. At Envision Dental, we can help you achieve and maintain your best oral health. Call today to schedule appointments for yourself or your loved ones.

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