A dentist pointing at a digital dental imaging.If you have ever endured a dental mold made of your teeth, you know it is not comfortable. The conventional way to design crowns, inlays, aligners and other dental devices is to fill a tray full of dental putty, then have the patient bite down on the goopy tray for a few minutes. Advanced imaging technology has eliminated the need for physical molds for making dental impressions. At Envision Dental, we have invested in an iTero 3D scanner for accurate, non-invasive dental impressions.

Benefits of iTero 3D Imaging

3D imaging has changed how many dental procedures are performed. For many decades, physical molds were needed for most types of dental restorations, retainers, aligners and tooth replacements. iTero 3D imaging can create a digital picture of the shape of your teeth, bite and oral cavity that is more accurate than a physical mold and much easier for our dental team and our patients. Some of the benefits of using our iTero scanner include:

  • No goopy dental trays to hold in your mouth
  • A quick scan is made with a non-invasive digital wand
  • You can breathe and swallow normally during the scan
  • 3D digital impressions are more precise than molds
  • Digital impressions can be used for creating aligners, restorations and much more
  • 3D imaging is safe and faster than physical impressions

With the iTero scanner, you can see a digital image of your mouth within minutes. This technology gives us the ability to show our patients abnormalities within their bite or teeth – we can even show you how your teeth could look after orthodontic treatment using the 3D images of your mouth.

iTero Scanner for Invisalign Treatment

One of the uses for our iTero scanner is creating orthodontic treatments for our patients. iTero scanners work with the Invisalign® software, obtaining the digital impressions needed to design the orthodontic treatment plan for each patient. The 3D impression can be used in the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to show how the teeth can be shifted to create a straighter, more attractive smile. The digital iTero impressions are also used to create the clear aligners that fit over the teeth and to monitor progress during treatment.

At Envision Dental, we have invested in the latest technology to improve the dental experience for our patients. Our iTero 3D scanner for digital impressions is one of the many innovative services that we offer at our state-of-the-art dental center in Marietta, GA.

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