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Choose Your Path to a Brighter Smile

It is often said that life is akin to keeping plates spinning like a circus performer. Career commitments and family life take up the majority of your time. Meanwhile, any spare hours are devoted to maintaining a healthy physique, socializing with friends or engaging in mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Unfortunately, this hectic lifestyle can lead

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Are You Happy with Your Smile?

A smile is a precious and powerful gift. Parents wait anxiously for the fist genuine smile from their newborn bundle of joy. People want to be present to see the smile on someone’s face when receiving good news or a special gift. A smile at the right time can turn a bad situation completely around

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What’s The Difference Between Zoom Teeth Whitening And Laser Teeth Whitening?

Portrait of a beautiful young happy smiling couple - isolated Strawberry or vanilla ice cream, meat-lovers or veggie pizza — life is better with options, and that applies to dentistry, too. As your trusted dentist in Marietta, I know that no two mouths are the same, and what works well for one, may

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