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Why Is It Important To See Your Dentist In Marietta Twice A Year? Marietta, GA
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Since you were a child, you’ve always been told that you should see your dentist in Marietta twice a year. But, why? Even though you follow this advice to protect your teeth, you’d like to know the reasons that make visiting the dentist twice a year important for your oral health. In this post, Dr. James A. Merriman explains the logic behind preventive dental care and how regular visits help you get the most out of your smile.

Why Are Twice Yearly Dental Visits Important?

Dr. Merriman knows that regular visits with him will help keep your oral health up to par. Preventive dental care every six months assists with the following:

  • Get a Deep Clean – Even if you brush and floss properly, no at-home oral care regimen will replace professional cleanings. Plaque can build up no matter how diligent you are, leading to tartar buildup and cavities. Seeing your dentist twice a year removes these detrimental substances and helps you keep your teeth longer.
  • Stay Cancer Free with Screenings – Seeing Dr. Merriman regularly is the best way to stay ahead of oral cancers. Since prevention, early detection, and intervention are key in maintaining a cancer-free status, screenings from your oral healthcare pro make help promote your oral, and overall, well-being.
  • Address Gum Disease – Did you know that half of Americans have some form of gum disease? Although this condition is common, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can prevent recession, tooth loss, and the need for costly dental restorations by seeing Dr. Merriman regularly to prevent and treat gum disease.
  • Get The Whole Picture – Unless you have a professional dental X-ray machine at home, you’re not getting the full picture of your smile. We use innovative digital technology to make sure we catch any dental problems that are below the surface of your teeth.
  • Protect Your Entire Body – Oral exams can diagnose over 120 medical conditions. Merriman will perform a thorough check of your head, neck, and lymph nodes, as well as your mouth, teeth and gums to make sure you’re healthy. If anything abnormal presents itself, we’ll make sure you’re referred to the appropriate medical professional. Although it only takes a couple minutes for Dr. Merriman to check for any problems, this care is invaluable to your comprehensive health.

So, if it’s been longer than six months, your teeth are missing out – schedule your appointment with us today now that you know that regular dental visits keep your smile, and your entire body, healthy!

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