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Why Dental Crowns in Marietta are Crucial to Protecting Damaged Teeth Marietta, GA
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Have you sustained a dental injury while playing one of your favorite contact sports? Maybe you were biting into a piece of bread and heard a cracking noise from the back of your mouth. Cracked and damaged teeth are typically considered dental emergencies that need to be addressed promptly. If you’re the type of person to shrug an injury like this off, you’ll want to keep reading.

Dental crowns in Marietta are necessary if you want your teeth to last and avoid oral complications later.

Key to Avoiding Infections

When a tooth is cracked or damaged in any way, the chances of that damage worsening only increases over time. Eventually, the inner area of the tooth, known as the pulp, will become fully exposed to the rest of the bacteria in your mouth. Several forms of cavity-causing bacteria live in your mouth, so it can cause serious problems if it reaches your inner tooth. One of the most common issues people experience with damaged teeth is infections.

Infections are not only very painful and difficult to live with, but they can also be life-threatening. When an infection is in such close proximity to your skull, it can easily develop further and reach your brain. Without intervention, the consequences can be catastrophic not just for your mouth, but your overall health as well.

Prevent the Need for Expensive Dental Treatments Later

You may think that by opting out of a dental crown you will save money, but the long-term costs are always more harmful than the short-term. In most cases, individuals who do not get a crown when they seriously need it experience a dental emergency later. As mentioned before, a cracked or damaged tooth allows for an infection to develop. That means you now need a root canal treatment performed to clear away the infected tissue. In order to access the inner tooth, a hole needs to be created in the top portion of the tooth, meaning you’re going to need a dental crown placed anyway.

If the tooth is too far gone and cannot be saved through root canal therapy, it will need to be extracted completely. If there’s one thing a dentist can confirm, no matter who they talk to, it’s that a dental implant is far more expensive than a single crown.

Make Chewing and Smiling Possible

Cracked teeth are simply not functional. It doesn’t matter what tooth is damaged as you need all of them to chew foods properly. Even if you lose a molar, which is mostly hidden, it’s going to make grinding foods more difficult and put additional stress on other areas of your mouth. If you aren’t able to chew foods properly, it’s going to negatively affect your body’s ability to digest that food.

When you choose a durable crown to cover your damaged teeth, you’re truly giving them a second chance. Don’t let that chance go to waste by putting off treatment. Schedule an appointment with a dentist in Marietta today!

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