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What’s The Difference Between Zoom Teeth Whitening And Laser Teeth Whitening? Marietta, GA
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Strawberry or vanilla ice cream, meat-lovers or veggie pizza — life is better with options, and that applies to dentistry, too. As your trusted dentist in Marietta, I know that no two mouths are the same, and what works well for one, may not be the best solution for the next. That’s why I am proud to offer several choices for most of my services — like teeth whitening. Keep reading to learn about the difference between two popular smile-brightening treatments, Zoom! and laser teeth whitening.


As nice as it would be, there’s no way to prevent the darkening of teeth that occurs naturally with age. Fortunately, teeth whitening exists to help you get your bright, youthful smile back. On the surface, Zoom® and laser teeth whitening seem so similar — but they’re really not the same. Let’s look at what makes them different.

Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser teeth whitening is just what it sounds like: it uses the heat from a special laser to whiten teeth. It activates a special peroxide gel, which bleaches teeth under the controlled hand of the dentist you trust. While it’s a fine option for a brighter smile, typical laser whitening may expose the patient to unwanted infrared emissions. Additionally, the laser used is small, meaning it can only cover a limited portion of the teeth, requiring more exposure to whiten the whole smile.
Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Works Smile Wonders
Our patients who want dramatic results fast enjoy the quick, amazing brightening of Zoom!® Whitening. Perhaps you’ve got a wedding or reunion coming up, or maybe you just don’t want to spend any extra time working on gradual results at home. Whatever your reason for choosing in-office Zoom! Whitening, you’ll certainly appreciate its many benefits. Some include:

  • The increased self-confidence that comes from a more attractive smile
  • Dramatically whiter teeth, quickly
  • Zoom!® is a completely safe way to achieve whiter teeth
The advantages don’t stop there. Unlike with typical laser teeth whitening, the Zoom!® bleaching light filters out infrared emissions, limiting the amount of unnecessary heat your teeth exposed to. The laser is also able to reach the entire mouth at once, meaning a quicker treatment time for you. In fact, the entire process is completed in one appointment consisting of just three, 15-minute treatments!


When you’re ready to experience the difference teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry services can make in your life, don’t hesitate to contact the office of Marietta dentist Dr. James Merriman. We’ll be happy to discuss your options in cosmetic dentistry, including Zoom!® teeth whitening in Marietta.

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