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Want to Replace Your Missing Teeth? Implant Dentist Warns Against Smoking Marietta, GA
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Dental implants have a very high success rate — according to some estimates, over 95 percent of cases result in patients obtaining a heathy, long-lasting smile. Implants’ high success rate, combined with their many other significant benefits, may have you thinking about using this method to fill in those gaps in your mouth. However, if you smoke, you could be sabotaging your own smile. Your implant dentist in Marietta is here to talk about why smoking is an implant killer.

Smoking Drastically Increases the Risk of Implant Failure

A recent study conducted by Spanish researchers took a look at 66 dental implant patients over a period of five years. They found:

  • Among patients who did not smoke, the implants had a failure rate of only 1.4 percent.
  • Among patients who did smoke, the implant failure rate was 15.8 percent — that’s more than 11 times the failure rate among non-smokers.

Why Smoking Is So Bad for Implants

There are a couple reasons why smoking may lead to implant failure:

  • Smoking can damage your salivary glands, leading to a dry mouth. A lack of saliva to wash away bacteria may increase the risk of infection.
  • The toxins in cigarettes can affect blood flow to the mouth, hindering your body’s ability to heal after oral surgery. Therefore, the implants may not be able to bond with your body in the way they should.

Does That Mean Smokers Shouldn’t Get Dental Implants?

The ideal candidate for dental implants in Marietta is a non-smoker who is free of gum disease and major systemic health problems. They are diligent about their oral hygiene habits and have a strong, thick jawbone that is sturdy enough to support their restored smile. Needless to say, if dentists only gave implants to people who were ideal candidates, there would be a lot fewer people who could benefit from this life-changing procedure.

Even if you have certain risk factors, like smoking, it’s possible that your surgeon will be able to install implants. However, you should be aware of the impact your habit could have on your procedure’s success, and you should take steps to increase the chances that your new smile will last for a lifetime. We recommend that you that you quit smoking. Your oral and overall health will experience enormous benefits! We know that quitting is tough, but the rewards are well worth it.

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