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Should My Family Use Electronic Toothbrushes? Marietta, GA
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Keeping the smiles in your family healthy and looking good takes time and energy. Like any project, in order for things to go well, you need to work with the right tools. Good oral hygiene requires good techniques in brushing and flossing at least twice a day for optimal results. With the wide variety of toothbrushes available today, it can be challenging to know which one is best to use.

Studies have shown that an electric toothbrush can clean away as much as 21% more plaque than a disposable toothbrush. However, using a manual toothbrush is just as effective as an electronic one, when used correctly. There are pros and cons with both and both have more than one type to choose from.

Advantages of the Electric Toothbrush

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a power toothbrush is the fact that they do provide the best in plaque removal when compared to a disposable or manual toothbrush, when using the kind with rotation. Electric toothbrushes do the brushing action for you, making them easier to use.

Electric toothbrushes are gentle on gums, and some provide a pressure sensor to help protect you from applying too much pressure when brushing. They clean along the gumline, which stimulates the gums and promotes gum health.

Timers on the power toothbrushes ensure that you brush for the correct amount of time. Some also come with guided brushing and cleaning modes, so you can get a personalized clean. You can choose from modes designed for sensitive teeth, whitening or gum massaging action.

Kids are prone to miss certain areas when brushing. An electronic toothbrush may have tracking technology that provides guidance, so that every area is covered. With premium models, you can even track brushing progress, which can help kids improve their brushing.

Disadvantages of Electric Toothbrush

There are not many disadvantages with the electric toothbrush, other than the fact that they are expensive; and the more features they have, the more expensive they can become. The toothbrush heads need to be replaced regularly and they are susceptible to damage. Other than those few items, the electric toothbrush may be a good investment, especially if you have young children.

At Envision Dental, we help everyone in your family keep their smile healthy and looking beautiful. Schedule an appointment with us and feel free to ask about our toothbrush recommendations.

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