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Learn Some Fascinating Dental Facts with Your Dentist in Marietta Marietta, GA
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Did you know that your dentist in Marietta has continued to pursue knowledge in dentistry since he graduated dental school? It’s mostly on ways to help make your dental experience better, but sometimes he’s comes across some fascinating stuff. He’s learned about everything; from statistics to animal facts, there’s no reason for him to stop expanding his knowledge. Today, he’d like to give you the same opportunity to you and your family!

Inside are just a handful of the facts he’s learned during his decades of practicing of dentistry. To make things more fun for the kids, he even included some facts about your children’s favorite animals as well!

The Wonders of Your Mouth

We know that all people are unique, but did you know it isn’t exclusive for your fingerprints? Your tongue and even your teeth both have unique prints as well. This makes teeth very useful for identifying people who passed away hundreds and even thousands of years ago!

Here’s a little history. In 1816, the world’s most valuable tooth was sold for $3,633, which in today’s value amounts to $35,700! The tooth belonged to Sir Isaac Newton and it holds the world record for the most expensive tooth. It even rests inside a ring now!

The Amazing World of the Animal Kingdom

Humans are not the only animals with an interesting oral anatomy. Did you know that when elephants grind their molars, they can grow new ones? This happens six times in their lives and on average are 7 inches wide and weigh 6 pounds; now that’s a tooth!

Another fascinating animal is the crocodile bird. This bird, also known as the plover, regularly flies into the open mouth of the ferocious reptile and picks food debris from it’s teeth. Your dentist in Marietta sure wishes they had a bird to floss his teeth!

Some Facts on Oral Care

The average American spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth in a lifetime. Considering that the average person only spends 45 to 70 seconds brushing a day, your dentist wishes it was closer to 80 days instead. For a thorough clean, make sure to brush for at least two to three minutes twice a day.

Limit Your Soda, Buy More Gum!

78 percent of Americans get at least one cavity by the age of 17. This can be contributed to your diet just as much as your oral hygiene. If you drink thee or more glasses of soda a day, you’ll have 62 percent more tooth decay, fillings, and tooth loss more than if you don’t.

Instead, consider chewing ADA-approved chewing gum, which kids spend nearly half a million dollars on every year. While tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it still needs to be taken care of to fight against the 300 types of bacteria that make up dental plaque.

Want to learn more dental facts from your dentist in Marietta? Schedule an appointment with them today!

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