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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Recommendations from a Marietta Dentist Marietta, GA
Healthy lifestyle

Everyone knows that having a healthy diet will correlate to having a healthy body, but did you really consider how this will also improve your oral health? Your teeth and gums are directly affected by what you consume. That’s why your Marietta dentist believes it’s so important to keep patients informed on what foods keep your mouth and body strong and which foods will deteriorate your health over time.

Foods That Are Great for Your Mouth and Body

One of the worst things for your teeth is acid. Thankfully, dairy products are low in acid, so they don’t damage the enamel of your teeth. When comparing dairy products, cheese offers the lowest amounts of acid levels compared to sugar-free yogurts or a glass of milk—and still has awesome levels of calcium! A big bonus for your oral health is that chewing cheese also promotes natural saliva production.
The density of your jawbone plays a huge role in maintaining good oral health and your youthful facial appearance. Chewing crunchy vegetables and fruits can help you increase your jawbones strength. All the chewing isn’t just for your jawbone density, crunchy substances disturb plaque from settling and serve as a natural cleaning mechanism. Not to mention, fruits and vegetables give your whole body—even your mouth—the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay strong over the years.
Polyphenol, a micronutrient, is amazing for every aspect of your body. Polyphenol creates natural energy for our bodies and helps our mouth stay clean naturally. This can significantly reduce your chance of developing cavities! Studies have shown that people that swish their mouth with black tea containing polyphenol had less plaque build-up than those who swished their mouths with just water. One thing to remember about berries and tea is that these foods do contain dark liquids that stain your teeth with excessive use. A healthy, balanced diet is the best thing to maintain.

Foods That Hurt your Teeth and Gums

Sticky candies and foods are horrible for your teeth—they can even cause dental emergencies! Taffies stick to and in between your teeth for a long time. The sugars deteriorate your teeth and build bacteria in your mouth. Candies that are chewy, sugary, and acidic (sour candies) are the worst for your teeth because they contain all three negatives for your dental health. Dr. Merriman recommends avoiding them altogether.
Drinking a 20oz soda is equivalent to consuming 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar! Imagine what that’s doing to your body and especially your teeth. Drinking too much soda can turn your mouth into a breeding ground for cavities. Not only that, but dark sodas have staining properties that will discolor your teeth over time.

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