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Get a Clearer Picture of Your Oral Health with a Wellness Scan Marietta, GA
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An annual wellness scan gives your dental providers a much clearer picture and an accurate digital model of your teeth. The information is used to spot any potential problems early and when creating a treatment plan to ensure optimal oral health. But what is a wellness scan, and why should you get one?

Clear Images of Mouth Surfaces

Not that long ago, dentists could only see the health of your teeth through traditional x-rays or visually, with harder-to-see areas only accessible by mirrors. Tools may give insight into the health or integrity of a tooth’s surface. While this was effective, a wellness scan offers high-quality digital photos of every surface, including the teeth, gums and other soft tissues. These images can help identify areas of concern that can be treated long before a problem can be spotted with older technology.

A 3D Model of Your Teeth

One of the most valuable features of a wellness scan is the 3D model created by digital images. These allow your dental provider to visualize crowding among your teeth and your bite and how it may be affected by grinding. The 3D digital model offers a much clearer and more accurate picture of how your teeth fit.

Track Changes Over Time

Annual wellness scans give side-by-side comparisons to point out changes in your oral health over time. Noticing changes in the gums or tooth location early can help your dental providers address them as soon as possible. Your dentist might even note specific areas they want to reference when you come in for your next scan.

Digital Impressions

Invisalign® clear aligners and dental implants rely on accurate teeth impressions. Instead of messy impressions created of material that must be mixed and thrown away when it’s no longer needed, a wellness scan’s digital model can be used. This makes the process easier and faster, plus your dentist has a wellness scan on record to use when assessing your oral health overall.

Call Envision Dental today to schedule your annual exam with a wellness scan to learn more about your oral health and how to maintain or achieve a beautiful smile.

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