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Dr. Merriman Uses the Latest Technology to Better Diagnose and Treat Patients Marietta, GA
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James A. Merriman is committed to transforming smiles and changing lives. In order to achieve his mission for dental excellence, he combines his 35 years of experience as a dentist in Marietta GA with the latest innovations in dentistry. Dr. Merriman used the most advanced dental technologies to better diagnosis and treat his patients. Combining his passion for comprehensive dentistry with elite dental technology, he offers his patients treatment using 3Shape. 3Shape is a revolutionary piece of dental equipment that provides fast and easy 3D impressions for deeper insight into patient health. This provides more accurate and predictable results for enhanced dental care.

What is 3Shape?

3Shape is an intraoral scanner, an integrated intraoral camera, that provides Dr. Merriman with 3D color impressions of the mouth. With the high quality digital impressions in real colors, Dr. Merriman has a deeper insight to better understand your individual oral health and dental needs. Using these images, he’s able to fine tune treatments to deliver more precise results for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

3Shape technology uses award-winning 3D scanners and software, which is why Dr. Merriman chose the technology for his patients. The technology creates the perfect foundation to enhance the art and efficiency of dentistry for more customized treatments to create a long-lasting beautiful smile.

In addition to a more valuable experience for Dr. Merriman for his ability to treat and diagnose, patients also benefit from this dental technology. Not only can you enjoy a more comprehensive dental experience, but also increased comfort and peace of mind. In fact, 100 percent of patients report to enjoy digital images when compared to the standard x-rays used in the past. Plus, a 2014 study from the University of Bern, School of Dental Medicine found treatment costs when benefiting from digital technology is roughly 17 percent lower when compared to traditional dental technology.

All-in-all the use of the 3Shape scanner is beneficial for both the patient and Dr. Merriman, which is why he strives to provide the latest technology at his dental practice.

Benefit from Advanced Dental Technology

When you combine the most advanced dental technology with the experience and qualifications of a reputable dentist, you benefit from unsurpassed dental care. The use of dental technology has revolutionized the ability to diagnosis and treat more accurately for more precise results. In addition, this helps to promote oral care and patient comfort through a more direct approach. Using less invasive diagnostic tools, patient comfort and satisfaction are greatly increased. With the help of dental technology supporting Dr. Merriman’s exceptional skills as a dentist, he’ll deliver the comprehensive care you need while giving you peace of mind.

If you’re ready to benefit from the best dental care and latest innovations in dental technology, choose a dentist you can trust. Dr. Merriman strives to provide the highest quality of care for efficient treatment while treating you with respect and integrity. Call Dr. Merriman today at (679) 841-8537 to benefit from the highest standard of excellence when caring for your oral health.

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