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Diagnostic Salivary Testing for Precision Dental Treatment Plans Marietta, GA
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Mouth functions depend on saliva. For example, saliva lubricates mouth tissues, aids breathing and swallowing, helps prevent tooth decay and its enzymes start digestion. However, harmful bacteria can also be found in saliva coming from elsewhere in the body. These bacteria cause many dental problems. Thus, salivary testing is becoming a prominent diagnostic technique, allowing earlier disease detection. Saliva can now identify caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer and systemic diseases, providing vital information about oral pathogens for better treatment results.

Saliva’s Value as a Diagnostic Fluid

Enzymes, hormones, antibodies, antibacterial compounds and cytokines can all be found in saliva. Most components found in blood are also present in saliva because many of these compounds reach the saliva via the blood. Thus, saliva can be used to monitor an individual’s health. Biomarkers in saliva reflect dental and systemic health.

Biomarkers are substances that may be examined reliably and analyzed as indicators of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes and pharmacologic responses to therapeutic interventions. Biomarkers serve as an early predictor of disease, hence contributing to successful disease prevention and therapy. Also, biomarkers can help determine the severity of a person’s health concerns.

Salivary testing can identify pathogens known to cause periodontal damage. As such, we can make optimal treatment decisions, like prescribing the most suitable antibiotic to treat the particular bacteria found in your mouth. This eliminates any guesswork involved in deciding which medicines will be most effective.

Diagnostic Salivary Testing as Part of Your Regular Oral Health Examinations

The team at Envision Dental offers diagnostic salivary testing to provide patients with the best preventive care service possible. It assists in achieving high-quality outcomes in treatment accuracy and awareness of oral-systemic risk factors. Including diagnostic salivary testing with your dental checkup can be critical for avoiding adverse health issues.

Healthier Oral Treatment Plans

Saliva testing, regular periodontal checkups and diligent at-home oral care all work together to eliminate problem-causing bacteria. Patients who practice meticulous dental hygiene but experience recurrent episodes of periodontal disease nonetheless would benefit significantly from this diagnostic method.

There is a better way to treat sickness, and it begins with knowing what causes it and being able to isolate and kill the problematic microorganisms. Targeted treatment ensures that the patient receives the right amount of the right medicine. That is why we are pleased to provide saliva testing as part of our all-inclusive approach to dental health. Please make an appointment for a complete mouth examination, including saliva testing, by calling us today.

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