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Choose Your Path to a Brighter Smile Marietta, GA
Teeth Whitening

It is often said that life is akin to keeping plates spinning like a circus performer. Career commitments and family life take up the majority of your time. Meanwhile, any spare hours are devoted to maintaining a healthy physique, socializing with friends or engaging in mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Unfortunately, this hectic lifestyle can lead to making bad choices in food and beverages. Coffee, tea and red wine are known to darken the enamel of teeth. Soy sauce is another problem ingredient which is present in many convenience foods. Unfortunately, even healthier options can change your teeth’s natural whiteness. Fruit teas, juices and many kinds of vibrant berries have been shown to stain tooth enamel.

A Range of Options for Whiter Teeth

At Envision Dental, we know that bright, white teeth enhance your smile. Confidence in your grin can make you more approachable and friendly and will exude an aura of health and vitality. Fitting cosmetic dental treatments into an already packed schedule is a challenge. Envision Dental offers quick and easy teeth whitening solutions to suit your lifestyle.

For whiter teeth in fewer than two hours, Zoom! professional teeth whitening is a fast solution to a brighter smile. At an in-office appointment, a formulated hydrogen peroxide compound is applied directly to the enamel of the teeth. In some whitening treatments, the bleaching agent is the only step in the process, but with Zoom! professional teeth whitening, the bleaching agent is activated with a distinctive blue light. Specially designed protective equipment ensures no damage to the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth.

You can reduce unsightly stains on teeth at home, while relaxing or completing other tasks. Envision Dental’s at-home whitening kits provide a specially developed whitening gel. When applied to a dental tray that fits comfortably and securely in your mouth, the whitening process begins. You can achieve a noticeable difference in tooth discoloration over a few days without the need to take time out of your schedule.

Envision Dental is committed to helping our patients in Marietta, Georgia, smile brightly. Our consultations include tips on oral health and hygiene to keep your teeth in top condition. Contact us today to discuss the tooth whitening options best suited to you.

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