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4 Ways Tooth Loss Affects Your Overall Health—How Dental Implants in Marietta Can Help Marietta, GA
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You’re missing a couple of teeth. Maybe you feel like you can get by without any replacements, but did you know that your missing teeth can have a significant impact on much more than just your mouth? Keep reading to learn how your lost teeth can negatively affect your overall health and how dental implants in Marietta can address many of these problems.

Oral Health

With a gap or two in your smile, your remaining teeth are likely to shift to become more evenly spaced, which can change how your bite fits together and lead to jaw pain or chronic headaches. Beyond the surface, when you’re missing even just a single tooth, the jaw bone loses stimulation and begins to deteriorate. Over time, this weakens the support the bone gives your remaining healthy teeth, potentially leading to additional tooth loss in the future.


You depend on your teeth to bite, chew, and grind your food into digestible pieces. Without strong teeth, you may choose diet options that are easier to chew but that are also less nutritious. Replacing your missing teeth with a stable solution allows you regain your biting power and have better chances of optimal health.

Inflammation and Infection

The most common cause of tooth loss among adults is gum disease. This inflammatory condition manifests initially in swollen, red gums, but if it isn’t treated, it can spread into the supporting tissues and bone. In fact, research has shown that the bacteria causing this inflammation may enter the bloodstream and spread to other areas of the body, including major arteries, the kidneys, and even the brain. Studies have found that gum disease is strongly linked to heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, if you’ve suffered from tooth loss because of gum disease, you may be at a higher risk of serious medical conditions. Make sure that it has been treated and eradicated completely so that you can hopefully avoid the other ill effects of this condition.

Mental Health

Aside from all the practical uses, having a full set of healthy teeth is typically viewed as the preferred setup for an attractive smile. Having gaps in your smile can take a toll on your mental health and your self-esteem. Replacing them with prosthetic teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth can help you regain that confidence and help you feel happier. After all, studies have repeatedly found that smiling frequently boosts your mood.

The Best Solution for Tooth Loss

Considered the gold standard for replacing teeth, dental implants restore the entire missing tooth—root included. By doing this, the implant keeps the jaw bone stimulated and strong. In fact, it grows to surround the implant, holding it firmly in place. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your replacement teeth slipping out of position, and you can bite with basically the same power as before. This renewed confidence in your smile can give you more reasons to smile more often, helping you feel happier.

Ultimately, replacing your missing teeth is about more than just simple aesthetics. When you choose dental implants, you can significantly improve your quality of life and overall well-being, helping you enjoy many more fulfilling years ahead. To learn more about dental implants, contact your dentist in Marietta.

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